The MaxTracker PING GPS is today's intelligent answer to the advanced systems needed for protecting your assets, family, vehicles, equipment, BICYCLES, and even pets.

Introducing the MaxTracker PING, The ultimate personal GPS tracker. Our advanced design incorporates the most powerful of today’s technology and engineering expertise. MaxTracker PING GPS is meticulously designed and assembled right here in the United States. Our company achieves protection of your family and assets with this new GPS 5G tracker, going far beyond the crowd of standard trackers – we are the innovators, the engineers, the designers, the manufacturers, and the exclusive distributors of our top-of-the-line GPS tracker products.

Our 2023 edition MaxTracker PING GPS tracker is a breakthrough in geolocation technology. It’s an engineering achievement incorporating only the most advanced components and cutting-edge software. Do your research and observe the outdated technology that saturates the market. Experience the unmatched speed and reliability of a 5G cellular data connection, an indispensable feature for real-time tracking and robust connectivity that 4G LTE cannot equal.

MaxTracker PING isn’t just another GPS tracker in the crowd; it’s a comprehensive IoT-enabled solution. MaxTracker PING comes packed with advanced features such as CAT-M1, eDRX, and PSM. These breakthrough technologies amplify performance and dramatically enhance battery life, extending it from mere days to several months, a primary benefit requiring a device designed and engineered with 2023 specifications. Customize the alerts you receive and view full driving history details including locations, time, and vehicle speed.

The real power of MaxTracker PING lies in its unparalleled accuracy and real-time monitoring capabilities. Whether it’s precisely locating your vehicle, providing real-time speed analysis, or safeguarding your family, pets, and valuable assets, this device stands vigilant around the clock.

During our development of the MaxTracker PING, we deliberately decided to leave the older technologies behind. Our entire focus was to build the GPS tracker that is the next generation of personal protection. The electronics we combined with our proprietary software developed 100% in-house has resulted in a unique product that performs flawlessly.

When it comes to personal GPS trackers, settling for outdated technology poses a risk you shouldn’t have to take. MaxTracker PING is a product born from a relentless pursuit of technological excellence, offering unparalleled performance and security. Don’t let your safety be compromised by settling for less advanced technology. The MaxTracker PING – isn’t just a device; it’s your personal guardian.

The Result; is safety for your family and protection for business fleets. Peace of mind.

MaxTracker Ping: Designed and built to protect your family, your personal and business assets, vehicles… anything that moves.